We can help with special projects, helping you to economically overcome a handling requirement in an economic, safe and simple way.

In some cases it is a health and safety application, in other cases it may be an operational situation requiring a low cost way of solving a access requirement, it may be a need to move a product from one area to another so as to protect the product, the area its working in and the operators.

These are just some of the solutions to handling requirements that have been overcome safely, economically and simply.

An economic method of lifting mobile cloths racks up to a mezzanine floor

A simple way of handling an unstable, top heavy load with a small base on a pallet truck

Lifting a 28kg load out of a high sided box onto a work bench, economically

Helping in the construction of Heathrow Terminal 5, moving up to 2 1.2ton stillages of glass into place on finished floors

If you have an usual handling problem let us solve it for you.